I am a Research Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies and the Science Outreach Coordinator at Dartmouth's Institute of Arctic Studies. I study the impacts of rapid environmental change on population and community dynamics in northern freshwater ecosystems. My current projects include testing how Arctic warming impacts aquatic-terrestrial linkages, including the role that emerging aquatic insects (mosquitoes) play in social-ecological systems. In addition to research, I am Co-PI on a NSF grant for international science outreach in Greenland and Antarctica and I teach in Dartmouth's Environmental Studies Program.

8/14/2018 Special Issue of Polar Biology, co-edited with Toke Høye is now published online Ecology of Tundra Arthropods

8/8/2018 Why the Arctic needs mosquitoes NYT report on new Ecosphere paper

8/8/2018 Arctic mosquitoes on feature at Ecological Society of America annual meeting in NOLA

8/3/2018 New paper out in EcosphereSpatial heterogeneity in the abundance and fecundity of Arctic mosquitoes

7/2/2018 New paper in a special issue of Polar Biology- Tundra arthropods provide key insights into ecological responses to environmental change

6/21/2018 JSEP and JASE Polar Science Outreach and Communication on feature at POLAR 2018 in Davos

6/11/2018 New funding from NSF to explore U.S.-Greenland collaborative Arctic research

4/3/2018 NSF awards continued support for our work with JSEP and JASE

4/2/2018 New paper out in Freshwater BiologyStreams in an uninhabited watershed have predictably different thermal sensitivities to variable summer air temperatures

1/11/2018 New paper out in Polar Biology- No indication of arthropod-vectored viruses in mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) collected on Greenland and Svalbard